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slurry pump application and advantanges

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slurry pump application and advantanges


Transfer of abrasives and high density slurries in:


Metallurgical Processing

Civil Construction

Heavy Industry

slurry pump advantanges

Slurry pump advantanges are as follows:

1)High concentration, volume concentration reach to 60%, weight concentration reach to 70%; 

2)Comprehensive performance is good, high head: long distance and high head transportion, single set head can reach to max 120m, and can be used in series to satisfy much higher head requirements; 

3)Widely application: all slurry, mud and bad corrosive medium can be transported, widely used in industry of mining, electrical power, metallurgy,coal, construction etc. 

we are provide cantilever horizontal centrifugal slurry pump,We can guarantee quality.

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