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how to Improve the life of the dredging pump wearing parts

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dredging pump manufacturer told Dredging pump On a pump that pumps a fine-grained solid mixture, an approximate spiral pressurized water chamber with high hydraulic efficiency can be used depending on the conditions under which the solid phase passes.

However, from the viewpoint of improving the life of the pressurized water chamber, the height of the cross section of the tongue is reasonably increased, that is, it is made to approximate the annular pressurized water chamber, and even the hydraulic efficiency is lowered.

In this way, in order to improve the life of the dredging parts of the dredging pump, corresponding measures should be taken during the design stage or the use of the new pump. When developing the dredging pump, it is necessary to preliminarily consider the use of special wear-resistant materials suitable for the specific conditions of the impeller to manufacture the wearing parts, and consider the abrasiveness of the pumped solid-liquid mixture to select the rotating speed, and consider the recommended information that can reduce the hydraulic wear.

dredging pump manufacturer told The dredging pump is a single-stage single-suction horizontal centrifugal pump. The dredging pump system is mainly composed of a pump head, a reduction gear box, a high-elastic coupling, and a marine transmission monitoring system. It has an overall structure with good marine performance and excellent dredging performance. The utility model has the advantages of high long life, high efficiency, reliable shaft seal and remarkable comprehensive economic benefits, and can fully meet the requirements of the dredger on the mud pump.we are dredging pump manufacturer,we can guarantee quality.

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