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gravel pump failure analysis

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Mechanical sand can be removed from the well without circulation. At present, is widely used in sand sand pump tubing transmission.  

At present, the sand pumping sand pump is mainly used in deep well below 2500m wells wells sand, construction difficulty is used less than 2500m. According to the application situation, the failure form of sand pumping construction: pumping sand column card; the sand pump bending; the single pumping less sand footage. In the construction of single sand pumping less footage of the problem is particularly prominent. According to the recent years pumping sand wells statistics, a sand pump footage in general about 30m. Analysis of the main factors include sand pump, sand pipe, submergence, operation delay, sand bridge, casing etc..  

Failure analysis of 1.1 sand pump

(1)the leakage of the sand pipe. When sand pumping, the well fluid is inhaled directly from the leakage of the sand pipe, causing a short circuit and can not carry the sand in the bottom of the well.  

(2)the pump outlet plugging. The liquid outlet for sand pump wells within the fluid circulation to the annular channel, once blocked, xingbucheng flow, sand pump failure.  

(3)the gap between the piston and the pump cylinder is large. The piston ring used at present, sand pump adopts the piston and pump barrel with no gap, guarantee the suction pressure. Sand pump long-term wear quickly, late suction decreased, thus affecting the sand pumping effect.  

(4)the bottom ball valve plugging. When the bottom ball valve is opened, the sand liquid is entered into the sand pipe and the sand is deposited in the sanding tube when it is closed. The oil mud sand and so on will plug or jam the ball, causing the failure of sand extraction.  

(5)negative sunk. The liquid level is low, and has not formed the sand pump pressure, mortar density, more difficult to enter.  

(6)operation delay. In short, single, upward stroke stroke slow sand deposition blockage, caused by suction to;

(7)the falling objects in the well. As well, iron and other small pieces of broken rubber litter effect of bottom ball valve normal work, caused by sand pump failure.  

(9)sand bridge. Long term production of oil and gas wells will cause interruption during sand pumping process due to scaling in the wellbore and irregular sand formation in the formation. The sand deposition in the sand grit pipe can completely deposit, resulting in sand pumping can not continue.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump for sale,you can know it.  

The cause of a sand pump may be a failure, may also be many, in the construction of wells according to the reason of taking steps to avoid sand pump failure.  

Analysis of 1.2 cases of site wells

(1)the 61 wells pump

The well carries out the operation of the pump and implements the sand surface. Oil layer 1854.0-1904.8m, bottom hole 1950m, pump hanging depth 1200m, moving liquid surface 756m. Production pipe column, tail pipe sand 8m, sand surface depth of 1899m, sand buried oil layer 3M. The wells in the production tubing before flushing leakage serious, has not been able to export liquid back, decided to use the sand pumping sand pump. Sand pumping increased 30KN, stroke 6m, stroke 4/min, showed no smoke under 5m, and immediately under 2 tube 1919m difficult to continue pumping sand, then found no drilling test in lowering pipe string when pressurized to 40KN after the extraction of 6m, on the upstroke of column sticking phenomenon of pipe string when, in order to prevent sand column, increase pumping sand to improve 5/min, and increased to 8m, the pressure from 40KN to 30KN, after a stroke activity pumping sand pumping sand to normal, until 1942m after the footage.  

Cause analysis: (1) there is sand bridge in the well, resulting in intermittent sand pumping in the middle way. Secondly, when sand pumping, the upper stroke is low and the scour time is low. The sand deposit in the oil annulus is easy to cause sticking.  

Experience: To explore the sand surface pressure 10-20KN, fast sucker no obvious when considering the change of load to footage of sand formation of mortar; uplink range should be slightly larger than the sand pump stroke, but not more than 10m, to prevent the card column.  

(2)Lin 41-X30 well pump

The 2013.3.21 well pump inspection, probe sand surface position 2382.12m, using sand pumping sand pump, hoist as power driven tubing sand pump, pumping sand aggravate 30KN, stroke 6m, stroke 5/min 20m no drilling pumping sand.  

Cause analysis: the investigation of geological data and combined with the history of the well wells found in the sand pumping depth deviation more than 40 degrees, sand pump tee off lax pumping sand can not effectively lead.  

Experience: used to carefully check the geological data and the recent work in the choice of sand pump, the implementation of wells (well, casing, litter, etc.) to ensure the normal sand pump.

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