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flue gas desulfurization ceramic pump product features

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flue gas desulfurization ceramic pump product features

Product Features

Diesel engine driven rubber lined desulphurization circulating pump FGD pump

Power plant fgd absorber recirculation pump made in China

Power Plant Fgd Absorber Recirculation Pump

TL ceramic slurry pump is the new generation high efficiency energy saving product

For FGD system of transporting medium through pump in thermal power plant.

Pump casing adopts the structure of open behind.

Connected with motor or speed regulating mechanism by lengthened flexible coupling.

Can be inspected easily without dismounting rotor parts and inlet/outlet pipeline.

Flue Gas Desulfurization Ceramic Pump

The silicon carbide ceramic material impeller and other wet spare parts are performing excellence in the wear resistant environment. In all of these applications, there is no wear out appears.

The company regards product quality as the life of the company, with continuous innovation and development as the driving force. 

Waiting for the customer's service concept and enterprise spirit is the eternal pursuit of our company. 

We will meet the needs of new and old customers with better products and better service to create a harmonious and beautiful life for Chinese consumers.

we are provide flue gas desulfurization ceramic pump,we can guarantee quality.

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