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cantilever horizontal centrifugal slurry pump features

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cantilever horizontal centrifugal slurry pump features

Structural features

★A large diameter with a short overhang ensure the rigidity of shaft, suitable for high power condition.

★The deputy vanes in both former and rear cover of Impeller relieve seal pressure and minimize recirculation.

★Casing is made of ductile iron, ribs help casing to stand high pressure.

★The wet parts are made of high-chrom alloy or rubber, having the abrasion-resist, corrosion-resist and impact erosion-resist properties, improved the service life of pump.

★The wet parts are made of metal or rubber are interchangeable or mixed use, suited different working condition.

★Impeller adopt the method of wide flow and vane concave to improve flow and corrosion resistance, prolong service life.

★The shaft seal may be adoptable of packing seal,expeller seal and mechanical seal to fit different working conditions.

★The bearing Assembly have the grease lubrication and oli lubrication are optional depend on the usage.

★Adopted the oil lubrication bearing assembly can effectively lower the high operating temperature and reduce bearing fault

★The grease lubrication bearing assembly easy installation and adjustment, simple structure and easy to maintain and  perform reliably.

Pump slection

Help customers select the type, size and operating speed of pumps that will perform at the lowest cost.

Using service

Offer Design, Installation, Repair and Maintenance solutions and Mine measuring up service.

Quality control

Pay more attention to the quality in every process with different instruments.

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