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What is the difference between a froth centrifugal slurry pump and a water pump?

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What is the difference between a froth centrifugal slurry pump and a water pump?

The use is different, the foam pump is a special pump, and the water pump is a universal pump.

The foam pump can be well adapted to the foams found in the beneficiation industry such as flotation through special structural design. Therefore, the froth centrifugal slurry pump is actually a kind of centrifugal slurry pump.

Applicable to all kinds of flotation process, it is the ideal pump for conveying foam slurry. The conveying capacity is far superior to other forms of products and does not require any shaft seals and shaft seals.

A water pump is a machine that delivers or pressurizes a liquid. It transfers the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid, increasing the energy of the liquid, mainly for transporting liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsion, suspoemulsion and liquid metal.

Liquids, gas mixtures, and liquids containing suspended solids can also be delivered. Technical parameters of pump performance include flow, suction stroke, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc.

According to different working principles, it can be divided into volume pump and vane pump. The volumetric pump uses its change in the volume of the working chamber to transfer energy;

The vane pump uses the interaction of the rotary vane and water to transfer energy. There are centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump.we are provide froth centrifugal slurry pump,We can guarantee quality.

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