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What data should I choose for the pump?

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1.Note that the type and function of the selected pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as equipment flow, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow, and suction stroke.we are slurry pump manufacturer,you can know it.

2.It is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the media characteristics.

For pumps that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media, it is required to secure the shaft seal or use a non-leakage pump, such as a magnetic drive pump, diaphragm pump, and shield pump. For pumps that transport corrosive media, corrosion resistance is required for convection components. Information, such as AFB stainless steel corrosion-resistant pump, CQF engineering plastic magnetic drive pump; for the pump containing solid particle medium, the convection component is required to use wear-resistant data, if necessary, the shaft seal is flushed with cleaning liquid.

3.High mechanical reliability, low noise and small oscillation.

4.The economic consideration should be based on the lower total cost of equipment, operating, maintenance and management fees.

5.The centrifugal pump has the characteristics of high speed, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, simple structure, no pulsation of infusion, stable function, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Therefore, in addition to the following conditions, the centrifugal pump should be used as much as possible:

1.When there is a measurement requirement, the metering pump is selected.

2,the head requirements are very high, the flow is very small and there is no suitable small flow high-lift centrifugal pump can be used, optional reciprocating pump, such as cavitation requirements 2, not high can also choose vortex pump.

3,the head is very low, when the flow is very large, the axial flow pump and the mixed flow pump can be selected.

4.When the viscosity of the medium is large (more than 650~1000mm2/s), consider the choice of rotor pump or reciprocating pump (gear pump, screw pump)

When the medium contains 75% gas, the flow rate is small and the viscosity is less than 37.4mm2/s, a vortex pump can be selected.

5.For occasions with frequent start-up or inconvenient pumping, pumps with self-priming function, such as self-priming centrifugal pump, self-priming vortex pump and pneumatic (electric) diaphragm pump, should be used.

Selection of materials for over-flow parts of slurry pump

The slurry pump is mainly used to transport solid-liquid mixtures containing hard particles, which are widely used in coal, metallurgy, mining, thermal power, chemical, water conservancy and other industries.

The transported solid-liquid mixture exhibits irregular movement in the impeller that rotates at high speed, and the over-current components of the pump work under the conditions of the "liquid grinding wheel", undergo intense wear, and also withstand the corrosion of the medium, resulting in corrosion. The life of the overcurrent components is shortened.

Therefore, the planning of the slurry pump is fundamentally different from the planning of the clean water pump. The clean water pump plan first seeks the power cavitation target, while the slurry pump should focus on cavitation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. in the search for power.

Selection of materials for overcurrent parts:

Wear mechanism: The wear of the flow-through components of the slurry pump involves many factors, and the wear mechanism of different parts is not the same, but it can be summarized into three categories:

1.Erosion wear: During the operation of the slurry pump, the solid particles carried in the liquid impact the surface of the overcurrent component at a certain speed to form a material loss.

According to the analysis of the wear surface of the failed parts, the erosion wear mechanism can be divided into cutting wear, deformation fatigue wear and cutting + deformation composite wear.

2.Cavitation damage: During the operation of the pump, a local area of the flow-through component (usually the impeller inlet later), for some reason, when the absolute pressure of the pumped liquid drops to the vaporization pressure at the current temperature, The liquid begins to vaporize there, and steam is generated to form bubbles.

These bubbles move forward with the liquid, and when it reaches a high pressure, the bubbles shrink sharply to collapse. When the bubbles are agglomerated, the liquid particles fill the pores at a high speed and cause a severe impact on the metal appearance.

The appearance of the metal peels off due to the fatigue caused by this impact, and the constituent materials are lost. When the metal appearance is severe, the appearance of the metal appears honeycomb.

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