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What are the restrictions on the length of the vertical slurry pump bracket?

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Generally speaking, vertical slurry pumps are commonly used in three lengths, and the submerged depths are 900mm, 1200mm, and 1800mm;

The length of the vertical slurry pump bracket tube is mainly based on the actual length of the working conditions;we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump supplies,you can know it.

However, it can also be shortened or lengthened appropriately, but there are certain disadvantages after lengthening, the length of the bracket tube is long, and the pump shaft will be lengthened accordingly.

When the shaft of the vertical slurry pump pump becomes longer, it is unstable.

In the early days, the submersible slurry pump has not been applied to the shopping mall. If the depth of the slurry is large, the treatment method is to lengthen the support tube to reach the running depth.

With the continuous improvement of the slurry pump skills, this situation is now rare, mostly using a submersible slurry pump instead.

The submersible slurry pump has a diving depth of up to 150 meters and is relatively stable.

Now our company's submersible slurry pump has been sold to domestic and foreign shopping malls, and has been well received by users.

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