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What are the precautions and maintenance of the slurry pump?

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When we bought the slurry pump, we trusted the staff to tell us how to pay attention to it and how to maintain it. Some people still remember that some people have forgotten it, so today the slurry pump will give you a reminder.

(1)Adhere to the equipment clean, dry, no oil, no leakage.

(2)Check whether the operation sound of the slurry pump is normal every day, whether there is vibration or leakage, and the problem should be dealt with in time.

(3)Check whether the oil level in the slurry pump bracket is suitable every day. The correct oil level is near the oil line position and should not exceed ±2mm.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump supplies.

(4)It is forbidden to work under the condition that the slurry pump in the pool is pumped, because the slurry pump not only vibrates in the twitching condition, but also affects the life of the pump.

(5)Each slurry pump is marked with the size of the largest solid particles allowed to pass, and the pump is prohibited from entering the metal object and the large solid particles that the pump exceeds. Moreover, it is forbidden to enter flexible materials such as rubber, cotton yarn and plastic in the slurry pump to avoid damage to the over-flow components of the slurry pump and block the impeller and flow passage, resulting in the pump not working properly.

(6)Always check the pressure and flow rate of the seal water and cooling water of the slurry pump. You can choose to check the openness of the shaft seal valve or the temperature of the stuffing box. When the temperature is high, the water supply is insufficient. For slurry pumps that use grease-lubricated packing, the oil should be refilled 1-2 times a day to ensure that the packing is in an excellent lubrication condition.

(7)It is necessary to regularly check the leakage of the shaft seal water. When the leakage amount is increased, the bolts of the packing gland should be adjusted. When the packing needs to be replaced, it should be replaced in time.

(8)It is necessary to adjust the gap between the impeller of the pump and the front guard plate regularly to keep it within the specified optimal size range to ensure that the slurry pump operates in the high efficiency range. The adjustment process shall be carried out in accordance with the methods and procedures specified in the instruction manual of the slurry pump.

(9)The bearing temperature should be checked frequently, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 75 °C.

(10)The lubricant should be completely replaced according to the timing specified in the instruction manual of the slurry pump. After the slurry pump has been working for a certain period of time, it should be periodically reviewed to repair or replace the damaged parts so that the slurry pump is in a state of no shortage.

The above is the slurry pump for everyone to repeat, is it you think of it? Is it increasing your memory again? I hope I can assist you.

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