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The most common packing method for slurry pump

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The most common packing method for slurry pump

The most commonly used slurry pump sealing method is packing sealing, which has the advantages of good sealing performance, convenient use, less wear of the main engine, strong vibration resistance, etc. It is widely used as a sealing device for various pumps, and a water sealing ring is placed at the bottom of the stuffing box. And then put the filler, the intention is to inject more than 0.1Mpa of liquid (water) from the water seal ring when the suction port of the pump is under vacuum to prevent air from leaking into the pump;

When the water pressure in the pump is higher than 0.1Mpa, it can be injected with a sealing liquid (water) higher than the pump pressure of 0.05-0.01 MPa to achieve a water sealing effect to reduce leakage and to achieve cooling and smoothing effect.

What is the cause of cavitation in the slurry pump?

What is the cause of cavitation in the slurry pump? When the slurry pump is working, the direction of the head of the impeller inlet blade is the lowest direction of the liquid flow pressure. When the partial pressure of the liquid in the part is reduced to the vaporization pressure at or below the temperature, the liquid flow passes through here. At the time, it will be vaporized and bubbles will appear. Cavitation is also called cavitation.

Cavitation, fluid under the conditions of high-speed flow and pressure change, the fluid passing through the slurry pump on the metal surface of the phenomenon of cracking corrosion.

This phenomenon often occurs in a high-speed decompression zone such as the blade end of a centrifugal pump blade, where holes are formed, holes are crushed in the high-pressure zone and impact pressure is generated, and the protective film of the metal surface layer of the slurry pump is destroyed, thereby causing corrosion. Speed is accelerated.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump for sale,you can know it. 

Cavitation is characterized by a number of subtle pitting on the metal surface and then gradually expanding into a hole in the surface of the slurry pump.

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