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The main impeller of the slurry pump has the following steps

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The main impeller of the slurry pump has the following steps

1.Select the right end plane of the impeller cover as the reference plane for sketching;

2.Draw a sketch of the axial section profile of one sub-blade on the selected reference plane;

3.Stretching the sketch, the height of the stretching is the axial thickness of the sub-blade, and one sub-blade is obtained;

4.Using this sub-blade to perform a feature circumferential array operation to obtain 8 sub-blades.

Cleaning of slurry pump bearings

Most of the newly purchased bearings are coated with grease. These greases are mainly used to prevent the bearings from rusting and do not act as a lubricant. Therefore, they must be thoroughly cleaned before they can be installed. The cleaning method is: the bearings sealed with anti-rust oil can be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump for sale,you can know it. 

For heavy-duty oils and anti-rust greases such as industrial Vaseline rust-proof bearings, first use 10 or 8 oil or transformer oil to heat and dissolve (oil temperature should not exceed 100 °C), and immerse the bearings in oil.

People, after the rust-proof oil is melted and taken out, it is cooled, and then washed with gasoline or kerosene. Bearings that are rust-proof with gas phase, rust-proof water and other water-soluble rust-preventing materials can be cleaned with other soap-based cleaning agents such as 664, flattening, 6503, 6501.

When cleaning with gasoline or kerosene, hold the inner ring of the bearing with one hand and slowly rotate the outer ring with the other hand until the oil on the rolling elements, raceways and cage of the bearing is completely washed away, then clean the outer ring of the bearing. surface. When cleaning, it should also be noted that it should be rotated slowly at the beginning, reciprocating and shaking, and should not be excessively rotated. Otherwise, the raceway and rolling elements of the bearing are easily damaged by the attached dirt. When the number of bearing cleaning is large, in order to save gasoline, kerosene and ensure the cleaning quality, it can be divided into two steps: coarse and fine cleaning.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump for sale,you can know it. 

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