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Structure use of dredging pump

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Structure use of dredging pump

dredging pump manufacturer told The dredging pump is used to pump a solid mixture of solid particles of relatively small solid particles. In the building materials industry, the coal industry, the ferrous metallurgical industry, and thermal engineering, the solid particles become sludge. These pumps are often used to pump mine water with high solids content, production waste, and the like.

Because the sludge is less abrasive than other solid particles, the particle size is quite small, and the pump has a very high speed and lift.

The dredging pump is usually a single stage centrifugal pump.

The structure of the dredger pump impeller is a wide flow path with two arms parallel on the axial plane, and the cylindrical blade has a small number of blades. The pressurized water chamber structure is annular or semi-helical.

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