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Slurry pump use and characteristics

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Slurry pump use Slurry pump can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, building materials and other occupations to transport slurry containing solid particles. Such as thermal power plant ash removal, metallurgical ore dressing slurry transportation, coal washing plant coal slurry and heavy medium transportation.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump supplies,you can know it. Modify the structure of the slurry pump in this section. The pump head part of the slurry pump 1MAHAHPHPHHH type slurry pump is a double pump casing structure.

 Open in the vertical direction and connect with bolts. The pump body has a stop and the bracket is bolted. The pump's spit inlet rotates the device at eight angles. The front and rear covers of the impeller are provided with back blades to reduce leakage and improve the service life of the pump. 2AHRLRMR type slurry pump is a double pump casing structure. The pump body and pump cover are equipped with replaceable wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant rubber lining (including impeller, front sheath, rear sheath, etc.) pump body, pump cover and AHLM pump. 

The pump body and pump cover are common, and the rotating part and equipment are the same as the AHLM type pump. The 3DG type is a single pump structure (ie without a lining). The pump body, pump cover and impeller are made of wear-resistant metal. The connection between the pump body and the pump cover uses a special clamping structure. 

The pump inlet direction can be rotated freely and the equipment is easy to assemble. Each type of pump inlet is horizontal, and the pump rotates clockwise from the transmission direction. Modifying the precautions for the operation of the slurry pump in this section When the slurry pump is in operation, the pump demand is placed on the land. The suction pipe is placed in the water. Also need to pump the pump to start. Due to the structural constraints of the mud pump and the submerged slurry pump

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