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Selection of materials for over-flow parts of slurry pump

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Selection of materials for over-flow parts of slurry pump

The slurry pump is mainly used to transport solid-liquid mixtures containing hard particles, which are widely used in coal, metallurgy, mining, thermal power, chemical, water conservancy and other industries.

The transported solid-liquid mixture exhibits irregular movement in the impeller that rotates at high speed, and the over-current components of the pump work under the conditions of the "liquid grinding wheel", undergo intense wear, and also withstand the corrosion of the medium, resulting in corrosion. The life of the overcurrent components is shortened.

how to choose for the pump?

1.Note that the type and function of the selected pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as equipment flow, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow, and suction stroke.we are china slurry pump manufacturer,we can guarantee quality.

2.It is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the media characteristics.

For pumps that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media, it is required to secure the shaft seal or use a non-leakage pump, such as a magnetic drive pump, diaphragm pump, and shield pump. For pumps that transport corrosive media, corrosion resistance is required for convection components. Information, such as AFB stainless steel corrosion-resistant pump, CQF engineering plastic magnetic drive pump; for the pump containing solid particle medium, the convection component is required to use wear-resistant data, if necessary, the shaft seal is flushed with cleaning liquid.

3.High mechanical reliability, low noise and small oscillation.

Reduce the wear of the slurry pump

First, the design method should conform to relevant theories

In the water conservancy design, since the pump conveys a mixture of solid and liquid, the design of the two solid-liquid mixture should be considered in design, and the two-phase flow theory is adopted for design.

At the same time, reference should be made to the new scientific research and theory to make the movement of the body at the flow component and the slurry more similar, so as to reduce the impact and friction of the solid particles on the slurry pump, thereby reducing wear.

Second, improve the structure

Taking reasonable parameters and designing the structure, the selection of the diameter D of the blade inlet has a great influence on the wear capacity and efficiency. For the parts that are easy to wear in the slurry pump, in addition to the improvement in the theoretical design, the structure should be improved. The parts should be made as replaceable parts as possible, and should be better considered when designing the structure. It is convenient to replace this item.

Third, do daily maintenance work, such as:

(1)Keep the equipment clean, dry, free from oil and leaks.

(2)Check whether the running sound of the pump is normal, whether there is vibration or leakage, etc., and find problems in time.

(3)Check the oil level in the bracket every day. The correct oil level is near the oil line position and should not exceed ±2mm.

(4)It is strictly forbidden to work in the state where the slurry in the pool is evacuated, because the slurry pump works not only with vibration but also affects the life of the pump.

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