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Remote Monitoring System for Equipment

From the scale and the different working conditions, it can be divided into three levels of the project (system), pump station and independent equipment (unit).

Application area

The company develops its RS series water supply and drainage control system for various types of water supply and drainage stations by using its technical advantages in the field of traditional pumping stations, so as to meet the needs of different scale, different working conditions and different control requirements.

From the scale and the different working conditions, it can be divided into three levels of the project (system), pump station and independent equipment (unit).

Project (system) level: the company design department currently has electric power supply, factory electrical, instrumentation and automatic control, building electrical and other professional design personnel, can independently complete 10KV in large-scale water supply and drainage engineering project and the power supply system, automation system design and construction, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, on-site supervision etc. the move by the content of the work can improve the overall technical content of projects, and will greatly reduce the project implementation units including coordination design institutes, construction, equipment manufacture, supervision between the difficulty, is a powerful guarantee for the overall project of high quality, low cost and short working period.

Cooperate with process between the specific content for example such as water supply and drainage project, multistage pumping stations in large comprehensive water conservancy projects, new construction and existing users of the project, the control system for RS3000 series (in large systems), can meet the needs of large joint automatic control of water supply and drainage project in pump station, from the system level, station level the device level, provide perfect control solutions.

Pump station: single pumping station system, including power supply, electric pump control automation, condition instrument, video monitoring, communication network and lighting electrical pumping station construction part two (control system) adopts our mature product RS2000 series pumping station automatic control system.

The main function configuration of the control system:

The monitoring and protection of the submersible pump;

The monitoring and protection of the high voltage supply and use system;

Monitoring and protection of auxiliary equipment;

Monitoring and protection of field working conditions.

According to the characteristics of the submersible pump station, the control system can monitor and control the drainage system in the ground control room to the underground pumping station, pump unit and valve and so on. It can also operate locally in the underground pump room. And the control process can be fully automated, both in distance and in place.

In the design and selection of electric pump, electrical wiring, valves, piping and other equipment on the consideration of mine site conditions, namely: our equipment, in may be flooded conditions, in accordance with the waterproof design, can be a long time in the water under the normal operation of drainage, fully meet the relevant provisions of the waterproof coal mine.

"The normal drainage mode, according to the size of the water, the water level, scheduling instructions, equipment status, site conditions and other conditions, can realize the rotation control (equipment management mode), peak (electricity economy mode), efficiency (economic operation mode) the principle of automatic operation, the automation of the whole process, to achieve the operation process of normal operation under the condition of" unattended". When the flooding accident occurred when the flooding point of field signal switch or artificial alarm signal will convert the working mode of the system as the "accident forced drainage", the system will be in accordance with the built-in intelligent program in order to start all pumps and drainage equipment, realize the maximum capacity of drainage under accident condition; when the underground water caused by excessive flooding, the system will automatically cut off the underground electrical control circuit (electrical complete isolation, ensure that the equipment and personal safety), control mode to ground remote mode, to the greatest extent possible to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and drainage system of electric transfer pump.

Independent device (unit) level: for single device operation condition, in the absence of system integrated equipment, we adopt single group (single motor, pump, control system) independent control design principle to ensure that each device can run independently and maintain. Each set of equipment can also be designed as a removable and independent water supply unit, which is very suitable for the needs of non fixed installations.

Such as: in each set of electric submersible pump unit, equipped with an electric pump, a start control device, a set of independent control unit, and all devices are designed for mobile (a unit of convenient transportation), when a mine flooding accident occurred, in the premise of electric pump installed in place, you can complete the scene connection within 15 minutes (including the power wiring and control wiring), convenient, fast, efficient and safe, control equipment can be made according to the requirements of outdoor type (protection class up to IP55), very suitable for emergency needs.

The RS1000 series of small control system, although the independent equipment unit, but have the perfect realization of the measurement control unit, small and small system control function, according to users and can be extended to the scene through access to RS3000/2000 bus communication system industry, become a sub segment of the total system.

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