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Model selection of slurry pump

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Model selection of slurry pump

1.First determine the required flow rate, calculate the actual lift required by the pump according to the length of the pipe, the diameter of the pipe, the number of elbows, and the vertical height, and select the model of the slurry pump.

2. Select the appropriate transmission mode according to the customer's field conditions, such as: ZV transmission, DC transmission, etc.

The slurry pump must pay attention to the selection design before use. Because this has a great impact on the life and stability of the slurry pump. Scientific and rational design can ensure the optimal operation of the slurry pump. The following points should be noted when using the slurry pump:

The working process of the slurry pump is actually a process of energy transfer and conversion. The slurry pump transfers the mechanical energy of the motor at high speed through the blades of the pump and converts it into the pressure and kinetic energy of the pumped fluid. The disassembly and assembly and clearance adjustment of the pump head part shall be carried out according to the assembly drawing. The impeller, the sheath, the rear guard plate and the sealed box are equipped with lifting and dismounting tools (the lifting tools must be purchased separately).

The disassembly and assembly of the packing shaft should be carried out according to the assembly drawing. In order to ensure the sealing effect of the packing shaft seal, the shape of the packing opening should be cut as much as possible as shown in the figure. When the slurry pump is installed in the packing box, the slurry pump is adjacent. The opening of the packing should be staggered by 108 degrees. Pay attention to the loss of wearing parts in daily use, and repair or replace them in time.we are china slurry pump manufacturer,we can guarantee quality.

In the process of repairing or replacing the wearing parts of the slurry pump, it is necessary to ensure correct assembly, reasonable gap adjustment, and avoid the occurrence of tight friction.

The suction line system of the slurry pump must be free of air leakage, and at the same time, it should be noted that the suction port is blocked during operation.

The medium to be treated by the slurry pump slurry pump has many solid particles. Therefore, the barrier placed in the pumping tank should meet the requirements of the slurry pump to pass the particles, and reduce the excessively large particles or long fiber materials entering the pump body. The possibility of clogging.

What data should I choose for the pump?

1.Note that the type and performance of the selected pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as flow, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow, and suction.

2,must meet the requirements of the media characteristics.

For pumps that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media, shaft seals are required to be reliable or leak-free pumps, such as magnetic drive pumps, diaphragm pumps, and shield pumps; for pumps that transport corrosive media, corrosion resistance is required for convection components. Materials, such as AFB stainless steel corrosion-resistant pumps, CQF engineering plastics magnetic drive pumps; for pumps containing solid particulate media, the convection components are required to use wear-resistant materials, if necessary, the shaft seals are washed with a clean liquid.

3.High mechanical reliability, low noise and low vibration.

4.The economic consideration should be based on the lower total cost of equipment, operating, maintenance and management fees.

5.The centrifugal pump has the characteristics of high speed, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, simple structure, no pulsation of infusion, stable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Therefore, in addition to the following conditions, the centrifugal pump should be used as much as possible:

1. When there is a measurement requirement, the metering pump is selected.

2, the head requirements are very high, the flow is very small and there is no suitable small flow high-lift centrifugal pump can be used, optional reciprocating pump, such as cavitation requirements 2, not high can also choose vortex pump.

3, the head is very low, when the flow is very large, the axial flow pump and the mixed flow pump can be selected.

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