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Layout and Design of Slurry Pump

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The basic principle of slurry pump placement is to ensure reliable operation, safe operation, convenient handling, maintenance and handling, minimum total length of pipeline, minimum joint and fittings, and minimum head loss.we are slurry pump manufacturer,you can know it.

Slurry pumps for qualified medium systems should be placed below the feeding equipment (e.g. cyclone), so as to ensure that the pressure pipeline of the slurry pump is vertical, which can not only reduce the head loss of the pump, but also reduce the wear and tear of the pipeline because there is no horizontal pipeline.

Flushing pipes should be installed in the suction pipes of slurry pumps transporting qualified and dilute media, and the diameter of flushing pipes should be 0-50mm. In addition, the suction pipe of qualified medium slurry pump should also be equipped with pressure air duct to prevent the deposition of medium in the suction pipe.

The suction pipe of slurry pump should be equipped with two gate valves, one at the inlet of the pump and the other at the outlet of the medium barrel. Flexible joints are arranged between the two gate valves to facilitate the maintenance of the pump and the replacement of the gate valve.

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