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How to use the slurry pump efficiently

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How to use the slurry pump efficiently? There are many manufacturers that have eliminated the slurry pump as a scrap iron, but they do not know that these eliminated slurry pumps can be used for secondary use.

The parts of these slurry pumps are repairable, and the parts of the slurry pumps that are repaired are equivalent to a second new life. The material is two-component, ceramic, metal carbide, The micro-particles are composite materials with high wear resistance of the aggregate, and their water resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance are extremely high.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump supplies.

Depending on the construction environment, we usually choose normal temperature materials, heating materials or high temperature materials, which are suitable for the repair of over-current erosion and wear equipment, such as slurry pumps, pumps and so on.

The secondary repair is not only to turn the old parts into new parts, but the most important thing is not to change the performance of the slurry pump, but also to extend the service life of the slurry pump, saving a lot of money for the enterprise and turning waste into treasure. , efficient use of slurry pumps.

We must always carry out daily maintenance on the mortar pump. Otherwise, it will be used for the third time with secondary use. Long-term use can save the company money.

We must keep the equipment clean and free of oil. Check the running sound of the pump every day, whether there is vibration or leakage. If the problem is found, even if it is repaired.

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