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How to properly install the slurry pump

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If the slurry pump is not properly installed, it may affect the normal operation and even endanger the safety of the production. The slurry pump manufacturer reminds us that we have some precautions when we install the slurry pump.

(1)It is necessary to ensure that the steering of the slurry pump is in common with the direction indicated by the arrow on the bracket. When the motor is tested, it is necessary to completely disengage from the pump. It is forbidden to drive the pump shaft to rotate in the opposite direction, otherwise the parts will be damaged.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump supplies.

(2)Pumps with packing seals are required. It is necessary to add packings as required before driving.

(3)It is necessary to ensure the supply of shaft seal water by using a mechanically sealed slurry pump. It is forbidden to run without water, otherwise the mechanical seal will be burned out.

(4)Select a pump that is lubricated with thin oil and refuel according to the oil level line of the oil mark before pumping. It is forbidden to drive without oil, otherwise the bearing will be burned out.

According to the correct device method, it is safe to produce safely. It will also have a good effect on the power and duration of the slurry pump. If you encounter problems in the practical device, you can consult the manufacturer in time.

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