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Froth Pump Product

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Froth Pump Product


The WXF/WLF slurry pump series are particularly designed to handle froth and high viscosity slurry in non-ferrous metal extraction where flotation process is utilized, the slurry which contains fine particles and fine dispersion of air bubbles need to be pumped from one flotation cell to another or to the next process, in these conditions the froth pumps are needed.we are provide froth pump design,We can guarantee quality.

Structure or features: 

1The enlarged inlet of throat bush reduces NPSHr.

2The blade shape of open impeller and venting pipe in suction pipe help to get as more as froth or viscous slurries into the pump, minimize the pump size and increase efficiency.

3Max.forth volume factor could be 1.8.

4Hard metal impellers and elastomer molded/hard metal liners are used to handle corrosive/abrasive froth slurries.

5Venting pipe helps to relief air from system,promotes the movement of the froth slurry into the impeller eye。

Mineral processing:

Pump are especially made for pumping the slurries of flotation process in non-ferrous metal extraction. 

Our business policy is: to survive by quality, to develop by products, to cooperate with credit and to win customers with service.

The company abides by the contractual commitment to product quality and various services, and is willing to cooperate with new and old customers to create a better future.

Company spirit: Innovation is the eternal theme, and transcendence is the unremitting pursuit.we are provide froth pump design,We can guarantee quality.

Company purpose: credit guarantee, integrity-based.

We will serve the new and old customers with reasonable price, good reputation, strong strength, high quality products and most considerate service!

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