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Froth Pump Design

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Froth Pump Design

The foam pump can be well adapted to the foams found in the beneficiation industry such as flotation through special structural design. Therefore, the foam pump is actually a kind of centrifugal slurry pump.


Due to industrial process reasons, some suspended foam may be generated during slurry transport, such as flotation in ore dressing,

The flotation industry will have foam in the slurry, so that the common slurry pump in the beneficiation is not suitable for conveying the foamed slurry in the beneficiation.


The pump head is a double pump casing structure, the flow parts are made of hard nickel, high chrome or rubber, and the transmission part is common with the EVM (R) type slurry pump.

The funnel charging box is a steel plate structural member, which can cover the inner lining according to the different conveying medium, and the pump outlet position can be changed at intervals of 45 degrees.

The pump effectively eliminates foam in the slurry during operation. It can still work normally when there is insufficient incoming material.we are provide froth pump design,We can guarantee quality.

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