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Froth Pump Characteristics

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Froth Pump Characteristics

The pump head is a double pump casing structure, the flow parts are made of hard nickel, high chrome or rubber, and the transmission part is common with the EVM (R) type slurry pump.

The funnel charging box is a steel plate structural member, which can cover the inner lining according to the different conveying medium, and the pump outlet position can be changed at intervals of 45 degrees.

The pump effectively eliminates foam in the slurry during operation. It can still work normally when there is insufficient incoming material.

How to choose the correct slurry pump?

1.Consider the choice of horizontal and vertical slurry pumps: The horizontal slurry pump is easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to manage, but it is bulky and expensive, requiring a large floor space. Vertical slurry pump In many cases, the impeller is submerged in water, can be started at any time, is convenient for automatic boring or remote control, and is compact, small installation area and relatively inexpensive.we are provide froth pump design,We can guarantee quality.

2.Select the slurry pump according to the nature of the liquid medium to be transported: physical, chemical and other properties of the liquid, such as density, solid particle diameter, corrosivity, etc., determine foam pump, gravel pump, rubber pump, mud pump, Desulfurization pump, etc.

3,according to the flow size: the flow is directly related to the production capacity and delivery capacity of the slurry pump, determine the specific model of the pump, after using the series of pumps, you can use the maximum flow rate, after 5% - 10% of the balance The two main performance parameters of the head are determined on the type spectrum or series characteristic curve.

Using the pump characteristic curve, find the required flow value on the abscissa, find the required lift value on the ordinate, and draw the vertical or horizontal line from the two values up and to the right respectively. The intersection of the two lines falls on the characteristic curve. This pump is the pump to be selected, but this ideal situation is generally not very rare, usually encounter the following situations:

A.The first type: the intersection point is above the characteristic curve, which means that the flow meets the requirements, but the head is not enough. At this time, if the lift phase is similar, or the difference is about 5%, it can still be used. If the lift difference is much different, the lift range is larger. Pump. Or try to reduce the loss of pipeline resistance.we are provide froth pump design,We can guarantee quality.

B.The second type: the intersection point is below the characteristic curve. In the fan-shaped trapezoidal range of the pump characteristic curve, the model is preliminarily determined, and then according to the difference of the head, the diameter of the impeller is determined. If the head difference is small, the cutting is not performed. If the head difference is very large, the impeller diameter is cut according to the required ns and cutting formula according to the required Q, H, and if the intersection point does not fall within the fan-shaped trapezoidal range, the pump with a smaller head should be selected.

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