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Dredging pump maintenance project and maintenance

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Dredging pump maintenance project and maintenance

1.Detect the wear depth of the shaft hole. If the wear depth is less than 4 mm in the diameter direction (ie, the radius direction is less than 2 mm), use a power tool to sharpen the position to be repaired. Note: Do not rub the surface too bright, the rougher the better.

2.Wipe off the extruded repair agent. Remind again: when pushing the bearing, it should be ensured that the repairing position is not lacking in glue. 

3.Position the bearing. a. The easiest way is to assemble the shaft and the bearing together with the glue. After the accuracy is determined, the repair agent is cured at this position. b. When conditions are possible, the three-point gasket positioning method or the fixture can be used for positioning and assembly.

4.It can be put into use after it is fully cured.

5.Clean the surface of the bearing hole to be repaired with a cleaning agent.

6.Apply a thin layer of release agent to the outer ring of the bearing to facilitate the disassembly of the bearing in the future.

7,the preparation of anti-friction repair agent.

8.Apply the repairing agent directly to the outer ring of the bearing, but only apply it to the rear half of the outer ring of the bearing. The amount of coating should ensure that there is no glue between the outer ring of the bearing and the shaft hole, and the gap must be filled with a repairing agent.

9.Push the bearing coated with the repair agent into the shaft hole. There are three main types: claw couplings, diaphragm couplings and fluid couplings.

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