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Dredging pump impeller

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Dredging pump impeller

The dredger pump impeller has a large width on the axial plane and a small number of thickened blades. Therefore, when the pump is operated in a large flow range, the direction of the liquid flow velocity is not always tangent to the blade blade shape, and as a result, liquid is formed at the outlet of the impeller and desulfurization on the blade surface.

In addition, the thickened blades create a large displacement of the liquid flow. In the above-mentioned precise and approximate calculation theory head method, these characteristics are not considered, so some corrections must be made to apply these methods to the dredger pump impeller.

dredging pump manufacturer told The relative motion of the liquid flow in the space between the impellers. We have a system of blades and liquid in the impeller that has a rotational motion about the axis of the impeller at an angle.

At the same time the blades are stationary and the space between the blades will rotate at angular velocity. The relative motion of the liquid is a stable vortex. The liquid will rotate at angular velocity in the space between the blades.

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