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About HH series high lift slurry pump

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About HH series high lift slurry pump

The slurry pump does not reach the result of use during use. The R&D personnel of the slurry pump manufacturer introduced to you the introduction of HH series high lift slurry pump.

Application range of high lift slurry pump: widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical, power plant, sand pumping, environmental protection, municipal engineering and other industries. A slurry containing suspended solid particles is delivered.

High-lift slurry pump structure: HH-type high-lift slurry pump is a cantilever and horizontal double-shell axial suction centrifugal slurry pump. The pump's discharge port can be installed at a different angle from 45°C and rotated at eight different angles.

High lift slurry pump material: The pump body of HH type slurry pump has replaceable wear-resistant metal lining. The overflow parts such as impeller, sheath and guard plate are made of high-chromium wear-resistant metal.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump for sale,you can know it. 

The use of high lift slurry pump: in the low flow and low lift area, it can transport strong abrasive slurry; in the high lift and large flow area, it can transport light abrasive slurry. It is suitable for the transportation of strong abrasion and high concentration slurry in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials and other industrial sectors. This type of pump can also be used in multiple stages.

High lift slurry pump sealing form: packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal, packing plus auxiliary impeller seal, mechanical seal and other types.

High lift slurry pump drive type: DC direct drive, CR parallel belt drive, ZVZ upper and lower belt drive, CV vertical belt drive and other types.

HH product description:

1.The series of slurry pumps are horizontal, vertical open-type and double-pump shell structures. The pump body and pump cover are provided with replaceable metal lining. The outlet of the pump can be in 8 directions (one horizontal at 45° angle) ) Rotate the installation.

2.The bearing assembly of the series slurry pump adopts a cylindrical structure, which is convenient for adjusting the gap between the impeller and the front guard plate, and can be completely removed during maintenance. The bearings are greased.we are slurry pump manufacturer and gravel pump for sale,you can know it. 

3,the series of slurry pump shaft seal type can be selected according to customer needs packing seal, impeller seal or mechanical seal.

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